Senior Living

Keep Residents Engaged and Active with Activity Boards that Inspire and Inform

As an activity professional, it is your responsibility to keep your residents engaged and active. There is no better way to keep residents informed of all the great activities for seniors you provide than by using activity boards from was developed primarily to meet the needs of activity professionals in Senior Living residences. Following years of working with many activity professionals, the team at has designed and developed a number of standard boards that meet the needs of most residences. Our products have consistently proven to be effective in helping activity professionals improve resident participation in activities, which helps in building a more closely knit community. Information is presented in an organized, efficient way that enables residents to not only find all the information they need, it also facilitates involvement.

A Senior Living residence is so much more than just a building, it is a home. Activity professionals are challenged with making their residence home-like, while still maintaining their professional obligations to post daily activities for seniors and other important notices. Myactivityboards are specifically designed to remove the clutter of outdated cork boards and the random posting of paper documents on walls or in elevators. Their professional look is designed to complement and even enhance the residence’s décor—while still relaying all required information.


Like many things in life, communication is key in a Senior Living environment. Simplicity and clarity are imperative to ensure information is communicated effectively on a daily basis. Myactivityboards offers activity professionals and food service staff the ability to post daily activities, monthly calendars, special events, and daily/weekly menus using a very simple and easy-to-use system that looks great and exudes the feeling of professionalism and organization.

We understand that communication extends beyond your residents to families as well. Having a clean and professional communication system instills confidence in families who come to visit. Keeping them aware of what is happening in the community helps them feel comfortable that their loved ones are being taken care of and that there are appealing activities to keep them active.

Ease of Management

The versatility and ease of use of myactivityboards provide flexible and simple solutions to the busy workload of activity professionals. Managing communication with your residents is simple and efficient with the multi-application layouts of MyActivityBoards. Applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Activity Boards
  • Menu Boards
  • Menu Stands
  • Elevator Boards
  • Staff Boards
  • Room Feature Signs


In the world of Senior Living there are numerous regulations that need to be posted. From inspection reports to licences and mandatory posters, each one must be displayed in very public areas. At, we have developed a series of boards specifically to manage these important documents in a professional and appealing presentation. They have been designed to complement each residence’s décor, while meeting all the regulatory requirements associated with their display.