Tired of tackling cluttered and hard-to-read cork boards?

Myactivityboard.com offers a series of standard boards, all of which have been designed for versatility in their applications. Each product is market-tested and based on the requirements of our past customers. We provide industry-specific solutions that have been proven effective for common facility requirements. If any of our pre-existing products are not quite what you are looking for, we offer the ability to create your own design, thereby ensuring that you get the most effective solution for your communication needs. With literally thousands of configurations, we are confident we can provide solutions to address all your needs.

Myactivityboard.com is a completely modular system that can be configured to meet all your communication needs by replacing your corkboards. The heart of the myactivityboard modular system is our innovative MAGFrame. Its durable commercial grade construction is designed to handle years of rigorous day-to-day use, and each MAGFrame product is covered by our lifetime warranty. MAGFrames come in all standard office printer paper sizes. Simply print your document on a standard printer, pull down the front lens of the MAGFrame, insert the paper, and close the frame. It really is that simple. The non-glare lens makes reading the documents easy in any light, and finding information is made efficient by adding fixed or changeable headers above the frame.

Enhance Your Décor

Myactivityboards are designed not just for optimal functionality, but also to look clean and professional in your residence. Made with Maple veneer wood backers they offer a warmth and elegance that fits any décor. There are 4 standard stain colours available, or upon request, we will custom stain to match your décor. With the ability to professionally brand the boards with a custom board header, you can use your residence’s branding or add headers that work best for your application.

Features You Want

While MAGFrames are the heart of myactivityboard and offer a vast array of functionality, there are times when you need to post documents containing several pages, binders filled with information, or whiteboards for notes. You will be able to address these non-standard requirements easily with products such as a Forbo tacking surface, document holders, and custom whiteboards. Incorporating these features will ensure your myactivityboard meets all your unique needs. We recognize that each residence operates differently, so the ability to add the features you require creates the perfect board for you.

The versatility of myactivityboard.com products means you are not limited to wall-mounted designs only. We also offer desktop units and freestanding stands that offer a large degree of flexibility, enabling you to place a board wherever it is needed.

Unlimited Applications

Just like myactivityboard’s virtually limitless configurations, the diversity of applications is wide-ranging and up to any challenge! Here are just a few; the list goes on and on:

  • Resident activity boards,
  • Menu boards,
  • Health & Safety boards,
  • Staff boards,
  • Information boards,

Our customers are always finding new and unique applications for their MyActivityBoard.
To see examples of these innovative uses for MyActivityBoard products, please visit our gallery or scroll through our listing of standard boards by application.