How Elevator Display Boards Help Improve Communication

elevator display boards

Well Prepared Communication

Poor communication on an elevator display board doesn’t get noticed, and is easily ignored. This is the unfortunate situation seen in some residences. Disinterested residents who don’t attend activities is likely a symptom of poor communication.

Good communication needs to inform and educate residents, using a combination of engaging content, larger text, visually appealing graphics and colour. Well prepared communication on an elevator display board is much more likely to be noticed, read and remembered.

Remove the clutter of random pieces of paper posted in the elevator and replace it with a professional, appealing presentation that is easy for riders to view. Posting daily activities on elevator display boards help residents find their favourite activities and verify the time and location. Not only that, but displaying daily events and important notices helps to stimulate conversation among residents.

Captive Audience

Give your riders something to read while they are on the elevator, with’s fire-rated elevator display boards. In an elevator, you have a captive audience for the few moments they are in the elevator cab. During this time the information presented can be digested or ignored. It depends on how this information is presented. Used effectively, elevator display boards communicate more information to residents in a manner that is noticed and remembered.

Centralized Communication

A common placement of important notices is in the elevator where they can be seen by every rider. Placing them in elevators invariably helps aid in recall, as residents use them numerous times throughout the day.

Effective communication means more residents are better informed about activities and events, and are  then more likely to participate in programs. Communication remains the key! Elevators are a great place to post upcoming events, important information, or even urgent notices such as fire drills. Your riders are a captive audience, so why not take the opportunity to inform them?

Check out our Elevator Board page to see multiple configurations of elevator boards. Or work with us directly  to create your perfect board!