Versatility of Resident Communication Boards

Features For Every Need

The versatility of our resident communication boards means you are not limited to wall-mounted designs only. We also offer desktop units and freestanding stands that offer a large degree of flexibility. So, if‘s pre-existing products are not quite what you are looking for, we offer the ability to customize your design. With thousands of board arrangements available, we are confident we can provide a solution to address all your needs.


The heart of‘s modular system is MAGFrames. They offer the simplest solution to posting paper documents. Their non-glare lenses make it easy to read documents in any light. Made from high-strength materials with the backing of our lifetime warranty* means peace of mind that your activity board will last well into the future.

Clear Crisp Titles

A key to finding information is being able to quickly scan and locate what you’re looking for. Our clear crisp titles are designed to grab attention and entice residents to keep reading about all the great activities you provide.

New and Improved Whiteboards

We have taken whiteboards to a new level with our highly durable whiteboard material. Designed for daily use its no-ghosting finish means that the board will always look clean and new, even after years of use. Our whiteboards are also available in a magnetic version, and can be added to any board layout. 

Tacking Surface uses a self-healing tacking surface that doesn’t dry out or crumble, and it has the ability to self heal so it looks like new all the time. The tacking surface is available in many different sizes and colours to ensure it blends with your décor.

Binder Holders for Multiple Documents

For those systems that require multiple documents, folders, or binders, we offer a variety of document holders that can be added to your resident communication board to post information that is both organized and easy to manage.

resident communication boards

Date and Weather Systems

We offer a date and weather system that is not only easy to use for staff and residents, it will also withstand the rigours of life in a care home. Made from a lightweight, non-rip plastic, the components are printed with easy-to-read graphics that can be changed by staff or residents.Replacement Kit - YellowOur customers are always finding new resident communication board configurations! Visit our gallery page to see examples of these innovative uses or scroll through our listing of standard boards by application.