Promoting Quality of Life for Long Term Care Residents

The Activity Professional is key to enhancing the quality of life for residents. The interests, strengths and needs of the residents are constantly changing. Therefore, activity programming cannot remain fixed; it must be a dynamic activity program, which promotes quality of life for all residents.

Clear Concise Communication

Effectively communicating with seniors in Retirement and Long Term Care residences is paramount to making programming effective, and promoting quality of life for residents. How the communication is presented has a direct effect on its perceived value. The more professional the presentation, the more credible the information. Clear, Concise, Communication is our philosophy! There is no better way to keep residents informed of all the great activities you provide than by using activity boards. Information is presented in an organized, appealing way that helps residents find whatever they need, effectively and efficiently.

Traditional Communication

Simplicity and clarity are imperative to ensure information is communicated effectively on a daily basis. Using traditional cork boards for communication leads to a number of issues. The random nature of the cork boards makes it difficult to keep all your postings organized, up to date, and visually appealing. Attempts to organize the information can make it look cheesy and childlike. A well designed board removes the clutter associated with outdated cork boards. All the information is still relayed, but its elegant and appealing presentation ensures each home area of the residence feels less like an office and more like a home.

Paper, Paper Everywhere

The Activity Board is the central location for all information, and residents know where to go to find the required information. A common issue is the random posting of paper notices around the building. The old ways of taping random notices in erratic locations are difficult to manage and lessen the significance of the information being presented. Just because it’s posted everywhere, does not mean it is going to be seen or read. The cluttered an unsightly look of paper postings around the building does not look good for current residents, future residents and visitors. However a well designed board that is organized will be perceived with more value and professionalism.

A Professional Activity Board

Their look is designed to complement and even enhance the residence’s décor – while still relaying all require information. Having a clean and professional communication system instills confidence in families who come to visit. Keeping them aware of what is happening in the community helps them feel comfortable that their loved ones are being taken care of and that there are appealing activities to keep them active. When you focus on clarity and quality of the information, your residents will be more receptive to the message and more likely to participate. Replace those old, cluttered, disorganized and unappealing pin boards with an elegant medium MyActivityBoard that will get noticed and read.

Built for Your Residence has the solutions you are looking for, backed by product knowledge, and proven products – truly a one-stop shop for all your activity board needs. In addition to our standard solutions, we create specialized boards for other applications, each one custom-designed to meet your individual needs and specifications. Our credibility in this market allows us to provide innovative solutions to address any challenge; we guarantee we have a solution for you! Contact us today for help in promoting quality of life with your residents!