Getting the Word Out On What Just Went Down!


Event follow up is too often an after-thought, or forgotten completely. Which is too bad. So much planning goes into ensuring the activity is well-advertised, that residents are aware of what is going on, that they get excited about participating, and that they have a great time when they get there.

So, why would you want to let all that build-up and resulting good time fade away?

Let everyone know about the fun and excitement — the “good time had by all!” — by posting pictures of your completed events. Not only will the participants enjoy reminiscing, others who were unable to attend can still share in the afterglow — and more than likely, build anticipation to participate in future gatherings. Keep in mind visitors and families who will appreciate them as well, knowing the activities offered to residents are interesting and have been carefully planned to ensure everyone has a really good time.

The best way to do this? There’s social media of course (like Instagram and Facebook), but the “old-fashioned” ways work just as well. And that’s where Activity Boards shine! Post-event photos can be placed alongside the original announcements on main boards that residents will see each time they pass by, jogging memories and inspiring conversation. Using space on your elevator boards is ideal too; your “captive” audience can’t help but notice the smiling faces looking back at them during the ride.

(Not sure what board is best? Read more about how to choose one here.) 

The more your residents see of your past event successes, the more interested they’ll be in what’s coming up next — and marking their calendars to save every date. After all, who doesn’t want to head out for a fun-filled gathering with the reassurance that the planning committee knows how to throw a party? And you have the reassurance that your efforts to increase participation and keep your residents active will be rewarded time after time.

So, next time you are planning your next “big event” (or even a small one), remember to include after-photos as part of the process. Event follow-up postings that include actual photos reinforce the value of the event and the enjoyment participants experienced. What better way to pique interest for what’s coming next?